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Advent 2016 – Day 14

Are you enjoying this series of Advent devotionals on “Thanking Jesus”? Which message has impacted you most? Isaiah wrote the longest book of prophecy in the Old Testament. Year after year, he passed along messages and visions he received from the Lord. Whenever I think of Isaiah, my dad comes to mind. Both of these …

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Advent 2016 – Day 10

Welcome back to this on-going series of Advent devotionals on the theme of “Thanking Jesus.” Solomon was the wisest ruler of all Israel. He accomplished amazing feats that expanded his nation’s borders and made him wealthy beyond all imagination. One of his greatest accomplishments was to build a Temple to the Lord. God had promised …

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Advent 2016 – Day 5

Here is the fifth devotional in our 2016 Advent series on “Thanking Jesus.” I thank you for coming back to join us on this journey! Yesterday, we saw how Joseph gave thanks to God for placing him in Egypt, but after Joseph’s death, new rulers in Egypt enslaved the Israelites for four hundred years until …

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