My mother always said that the older kids get, the better she liked them. I feel the same way. You can share ideas and things that really matter. That’s why most of my writing is for teens and young adults. (The sad part is that, just as your kids get to the age when you enjoy them as friends, they leave home.) Here are descriptions of my current books and, below, some writing samples from shorter articles.

Current Books

This book is the fourth in my series on relationships. The others in the series include Why Say No When My Hormones Say Go? (2003), What Do I Say to a Friend Who’s Gay? (2006), and Help! My Family’s Messed Up! (2008). The newest member of the series, Standing Tall After Falling Short, focuses on people who have made disastrous choices in the past and now want to get up again and move in a positive direction. The book includes a chapter on how to restore trust relationships that were destroyed and talks about how to make healthy choices in the future.

This book was chosen as a finalist for the 2013 Golden Scroll Awards Non-Fiction Book of the Year, sponsored by the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA).

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Help! My Family’s Messed Up
is a compassionate guide for those living in a troubled household or recovering from broken homes, abuse, or other traumas in their families. Drawing from true, contemporary stories of those who have survived a family torn in two, this book shows that with God there is hope for healing.

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The rapid acceptance of gay rights across our country has left many young people confused. How does a Christian youth respond to arguments that homosexuality is just another lifestyle? Is gay marriage okay? What Do I Say to a Friend Who’s Gay? shows young adults how to stand firm in the truth of scripture and reach out with compassion to a person who is gay, without endorsing that lifestyle.

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Tired of watching videos and going out for pizza? Wishing you and your date could talk about something more important than the baseball score? Invite God along on your date and try out some crazy date ideas!

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La autora combina humor y franqueza contundente acerca de como el sexo fuera del matrimonio afecta tanto a adolescentes como a sus padres, hermanos y amigos. Este libro explica a los jovenes no solo por que deben esperar para tener relaciones sexuales, sino tambien como esperar para cumplir con exito su proposito.

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Al thought he and Tami were alone, but after he raped her, he discovered that that single act affected not just him and Tami, but a whole chain of other people. This true story results in murder, revolution, and heartbreak.

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Readers Talk Back

“Just thought I would drop you a quick note to say thank you very much for writing that book on waiting for sex. I used it recently to express my belief in waiting to some of my friends. I knew what I believed but had difficulty in explaining it. The book is very clear and easy to understand.” (student)

“I finished reading your book. It was excellent!! It was very practical and helpful within my relationship with [my girlfriend]. We want God to be the center of our relationship and none of that other junk getting in the way. Thank you!” (student)

“Emily, your book is what so many of us needed when we were young. Kudos to you for taking the time to write this very direct, with no exceptions, explanation of how God wants us to respect our bodies.”

“Another home run, I think! I really like the way you update the biblical stories.”

“Had a GREAT discussion with a client who read your book. It really opened up doors for counseling with her. This is her third child as a single mom.”

Professionals Talk Back

“As President of Care Net, I believe that Emily Chase’s book Why Say No When My Hormones Say Go? is timely and appropriate for the teenage population we serve. Based on the story of 2 Samuel 13, the book offers new insights into the personal consequences of sexual intimacy outside marriage. I’m convinced that Emily’s book has the potential of appealing to teenagers and profoundly serving their need to make positive choices about their sexual behavior.” (Guy Condon) 

Guy Condon was president of Care Net, an international network of over 400 crisis pregnancy centers. These centers are at the forefront of abstinence education, reaching over 200,000 teenagers each year.

“I am writing this letter to recommend to you a new book written by Emily Chase. Emily has used a biblical account of the past to show the impact of an impure act on a modern day couple and the different people in their lives. . . . Love, lust, rape, anger, grief, pride, peer pressure, all have been around since the beginning of time, and Emily helps the reader realize that our struggle to be pure is an age old struggle. Her book helps us discuss the struggle and come out on the winning side.” (Molly Kelly)

Molly Kelly is a chastity speaker who addresses over 100,000 teens each year with a “saved sex” message. She is author of the book entitled Let’s Talk to Teens About Chastity and has had articles published by a variety of national magazines.

“Emily has a thorough knowledge of her subject which . . . enables her to express herself and her present topics with creativity and imagination. . . . I have the utmost respect and admiration for the job Emily does in presenting a delicate subject of this nature to the youth of today.” (John Yohn)

John Yohn is principal of one of the public schools which hosts the “Waiting — The Smart Choice!” program.