How does a person originally trained as an archaeologist end up as a counselor-advocate specializing in family relationships and abuse? Emily Parke Chase is first to admit that God has an amazing sense of humor. Her career took her from ancient ruins in southeast Asia to the jungles of Mexico, and from there to teaching Bible at a Christian college. Along the way she helped found a crisis pregnancy center and, with her husband, started a counseling ministry to people facing same sex attraction. She says, “Before, I repaired old pottery shards, but now I focus on gluing lives back together.”

A popular retreat and conference speaker, Emily Parke Chase is the author of seven books, including Why Say No When My Hormones Say Go? and Help! My Family’s Messed Up! and her most recent book, Standing Tall After Falling Short. She has penned humor columns for a national e-zine, and her stories appear regularly in Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

Emily and her husband live in south-central Pennsylvania, not far from their married children and those very special people called grandchildren.