After introducing someone to Christ, the most exciting thing I can think of is introducing people to His Word. I love to share about what God has been teaching me.


Fundraising Banquets (sample topic): “If God is Pro-Choice, Why am I Pro-Life?”

God is the ultimate in pro-choice:  He gives us free will.  Yet that gift of free will can be abused.  Stories of former clients illustrate what happens when people make choices they later regret and then learn to make better choices in the future.

Women’s Retreats (sample topic): “Healing Impossible Hurts”

What do you do when your husband abandons you for another woman? What if your child has taken your love, ripped it up and thrown it back in your face? Has your closest friend turned her back on you? How do you forgive on a practical day-to-day level? How do you restore trust when a relationship has been torn in two? Is God really powerful enough to heal impossible hurts? The answers to these questions arise out of scripture’s examples of broken relationships and Emily’s experiences in more than thirty years of counseling women facing crisis pregnancies and wives whose husbands abandoned them for gay lovers.

Brunches (sample topic): “Finding Your Place in God’s Puzzle”

Forty years ago, as a single woman, I thought I knew how all the pieces of my life fit together. Then God took a new piece of the puzzle out of the box: a man named Gene. There was no room for him in my life. I thought my puzzle was complete, but God showed me how I put the puzzle together wrong. He rearranged all the pieces so that I fit into his much bigger puzzle and always had room to grow.

Bible Studies (sample topic): “Building your Bible Biceps”

Is your spiritual life getting flabby? Courses like this one give the Christian a real workout by stretching the mind with Bible study methods. The warm up includes biographical, topical and passage studies, and then the classes step up to book studies, prophecy and yearly devotional plans. The emphasis is on understanding and applying scripture to our lives, or one might say, life fitness!

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PACT (Parents and Children Talking) Program

How do you talk to your kids about intimacy? Many parents avoid the issue because of fear and embarrassment, the very same reasons their kids avoid discussing the issue. You don’t have to talk about body parts. What’s important to you in your marriage relationship? The key to talking with your kids about sex lies in putting intimacy back into the bigger picture of a relationship called marriage.

Appropriate for parents with children of all ages, the secular version of this program is excellent for elementary and middle school PTA/PTO groups. The Christian version of the program is usually scheduled in conjunction with the “Waiting – The Smart Choice!” program” for church youth groups.

“Waiting – The Smart Choice!” Program

How do you initiate an abstinence education program in your schools? What do you say when you get into the classroom? How do you handle sticky issues like abortion, masturbation or homosexuality? What if someone mentions God?

Conducted on site for pregnancy centers that wish to begin an abstinence-only education program in local schools, this two-day seminar includes a complete 50-page training manual with all skits, a sample program presented to youth from the local area, and opportunity for class members to try out elements of the program first hand.

Emily is a graduate of Christian Communicators.

Parents, Students and Teachers Talk Back

“Emily Chase is an awesome, gifted speaker who uses stories, humor, true-life experiences and Scripture.”

“Wish I had this information years ago. It could have saved me a lot of grief.”

“I appreciate Emily’s style of teaching. She is able to hold everyone’s attention and is able to get her message across to young and old alike.”

“I’ve come away from this retreat with a new awareness of what God can do.”

“EXCELLENT! I would love to hear Emily again next year!”


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