As a lay counselor, I work with young people who regret past sexual choices, women facing unplanned pregnancies and women whose husbands face homosexual temptation. Some typical issues I address with these women are listed below.

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Young people rethinking their sexual choices

If you could marry any person in the world, what character qualities would be most important to you? How might sex outside marriage undermine those qualities of a relationship? If a person has already had sex, how do you get a fresh start? How do you stay in control when you are with someone you are physically attracted to? How far is too far?

Women facing an unplanned pregnancy

If you could describe the ideal time to have a baby, what would it be like? What would the father be like? How does that picture differ from the reality you face now? Which parts of your dream are most important to you? How can we reconcile your dream with the current reality? Who will be helping you make a decision about this pregnancy? Does God play a role in your decision? Where was He when your baby was conceived? Does God make mistakes? (“Whoops! Look what happened while I was out on coffee break!”) How could God resolve the problems surrounding your pregnancy without resorting to an abortion?

Wives of men facing homosexual temptation

How did you and your husband first meet? What attracted you to him at that time? How did you learn about his struggles with homosexuality? What emotions went through you at the time? How can you reestablish trust in your relationship? How can you communicate without building higher walls between you? Did God play a role in your decision to marry your husband? Has God changed His mind about your marriage? How can He fulfill your needs for intimacy, security and love now? Can you trust God to care for your children?

Resources for women in the above category:

Someone I Love is Gay: How Families & Friends can Respond by Anita Worthen & Bob Davies (InterVarsity Press 1996)

Good Women Get Angry by Gary Oliver & Norman Wright (Vine Books 1995)