Rain and shine

I don’t often write poetry but I do like to play with sounds and words, so enjoy this recent poem I wrote. Read it aloud just for a change! Rein in my wayward soul, Father. Rain Your grace upon my frequent failures. Reign with peace over my turbulent spirit, so that my life forever shines …

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Putin and Pride

The war in Ukraine continues to wreak havoc on that area of the world. It appears to be a David vs. Goliath event, a small country defending itself against a giant called Russia. Like Goliath, Putin is a proud man, confident of his strength. Goliath assumed David and Saul’s army and David’s God were all …

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Advent 2021 – Day 23

Tomorrow my children will be arriving to celebrate with me. I am eager to hug each grandchild. But let’s pause for another Advent devotional on “preparation.” Have you ever received the red carpet treatment? I used to speak at conferences and retreats and schools hundreds of times each year. Sometimes the person introducing me would …

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