Category: Devotionals

Ghost Army

Recently I picked up a coffee table book about the Ghost Army of World War II. This entire army unit was assigned the task of subterfuge, to make a small unit of about 1000 men appear to be a force of about 30,000 soldiers. They used an arsenal of inflatable tanks, false radio transmissions, and …

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A James Bond moment

Ever have a James Bond moment? Theater-goers hold their breath during movie chase scenes. They watch stuntmen screech around corners, drive over cliffs and do controlled spins. Stuntmen don’t have to worry about an unexpected vehicle that might appear barreling down the highway. For them, every movement has been carefully choreographed and thought out ahead …

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Ride on!

Did you take time off for a vacation over the December holidays? My son is a high school teacher, and after a week or two away, he finds it a challenge to harness his students and settle into grading papers. How do we transition back into the saddle early in January? During December I typically …

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