Advent 2012 – Day 18


Welcome back to the 18th day of this Advent series of devotionals on the emotions Jesus’ mother felt during her pregnancy.


Holidays from work usually offer people an opportunity for rest, but sleep is always elusive for me. I average six hours per night. Through the years, I have accumulated lots of tricks to help me get to sleep. I might take a hot shower, avoid watching TV, unplug all the LED lights, make sure the room is pitch dark, and take a couple ibuprofen. If none of those steps work, I climb out of bed, head to the kitchen, and eat a slice of cheese on whole wheat bread.


What do you do when you are tired but can’t rest? In bed with the lights out, I plan my day, I review scripture memory work, I pray. I go through the alphabet and pray for Anthony, Beth, Caroline, David. I fear Xavier, Yvonne and Zach don’t get their fair share of prayers since I usually fall asleep before getting to that end of the alphabet. The really frustrating part? My husband sleeps soundly the moment his head hits the pillow.



As Mary neared the seventh month of her pregnancy, she too struggled to get sleep. She felt…weary.



During the final months of pregnancy, Mary would have had an increasingly difficult time getting to sleep. She couldn’t sleep on her stomach. Turning from one side to another in bed was like heaving an enormous sack of potatoes across the room. During the day, while Mary was active, the baby was quiet within. But when she lay down to rest at night, the baby sensed that now it was safe to play. Poor Mary had to try to sleep while being pummeled from within!


It does seem unfair that Joseph, like my husband, managed to sleep soundly. Three times he was deep asleep when an angel appeared to him in dreams.


Are you weary today as you face another week? Do you feel like giving up?  Hebrews 4:10 reminds us that, “All who enter into God’s rest will find rest from their labors, just as God rested after creating the world.” If you listen for God’s voice and obey His Word, He will supply all the strength you need for this day.


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