Advent 2013: Day 12

My oldest son protested my recent devotional where I mentioned that Jesus touched each person he healed. I didn’t make it clear that I was referring to only to the specific event mentioned in Luke 4:40. Of course other places in scripture tell us that Jesus healed people without ever being near them, let alone touching them.


In Luke 9, a large crowd sat listening to Jesus speak. As the hour grew late, the disciples urged him to dismiss the crowd. Jesus responded by asking them to give the people something to eat. “We only have five loaves and a few fish!”


Accepting this small provision, Jesus asked the people to sit down. Then he gave thanks and began breaking the loaves into smaller pieces to distribute to those seated before him. His fingers pulled apart the crust and touched each portion before the disciples passed the bread to the people. All of them ate and had as much as they wanted. With the help of his disciples, Jesus “touched” lives far beyond those closest to him in the crowd.


Our own actions often impact the lives of people we never see. We offer a kind word to a weary cashier and they feel appreciated. They in turn find strength to smile at the next harried shopper, someone who appears after we have moved on. My books and even these devotionals touch lives of people I would never meet in in person. Ponder this: Whose lives will you touch today? Ask God to use you to encourage a stranger in your path.


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