Advent 2015 – Day 18

Can you believe that we only have one week left in this Advent series on “Thanking Jesus”?

In Luke chapter 2, the gospel writer described two special people who were righteous and devout. Both hung out at the Temple on a regular basis and both prayed for the appearance of God’s Savior. Luke did not mention Simeon’s age but Anna was 84 years old. That was a ripe old age in that historical period and is considered old even in our own day.

When Mary and Joseph appeared at the Temple carrying the infant Jesus, first Simeon and then Anna approached to see the child. Both offered praise and thanks to God for allowing them to behold the Messiah with their own eyes. Simeon reacted by saying, “Now I can die in peace!” but Anna responded in a very different way. Instead of lying back and waiting for death like her friend, Anna spread the word. She “talked about Jesus to everyone who had been waiting for the promised King to come.”

When God has answered your deepest prayers, will you be like Simeon, offering your quiet thanks and then waiting to die? Or will you, like Anna, use every breath that you have remaining and share your good news with others? With whom might you be able to share your thanks today?


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