Advent 2017 – Day 19

If you took that man-on-the-street survey of key characters in the Christmas story, one name at the top of your list would be that of Mary. She too learned to wait.

Just as Zechariah sat on the sidelines for nine long months throughout his wife’s pregnancy, Mary waited through nine long months of her own pregnancy. People in town whispered about her condition. She faced anxiety as to whether Joseph would reject her. Religious leaders could have opted to stone her for possible infidelity.

For Mary, the wait was difficult but relief came as she was able to spend a portion of that time with her cousin Elizabeth. Visiting Zechariah and his wife, Mary was at last able to speak freely of having seen an angel. Her cousin had to understand: After all, had not Zechariah had the same experience? No one else alive at that time could have shared such an experience. No angel had brought a message from God for almost 400 years.

As you wait on God during this season, look around. Who else shares your experience? Is it easier to wait when you have company on the road?


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