Advent 2017 – Day 2

Are Christmas packages starting to appear under your tree? You can see them. You might even shake them. You can lift them and test the weight. But you know you can’t open them yet. Welcome back to the second of our Advent devotionals on “Waiting for God to Appear.”

In Genesis 6-9, Noah learned what it meant to wait. The Lord warned him that judgment was coming and told Noah to build a boat to save his family. Obedient, Noah set about building an ark. And then he waited. He waited while his neighbors mocked his ark. He waited as animals of all types walked aboard. He waited another whole week. Finally the rains came. The clouds let loose and water poured down for forty days and forty nights until the whole earth flooded.

And then? Noah waited some more.

He spent five more months cooped up with all those animals until the ark settled on the top of a mountain. He waited another two and a half months as the waters subsided. After another forty days, Noah hoped he could leave the ark; he sent out a dove but it came back because water was still everywhere. Two more weeks went by. And he waited. A total of ten and a half months had gone by. The water was drying up. He could see land out his window. Still he waited. Two more months passed by before God allowed him to leave the ark.

What is your dream for the future? Can you wait until God’s voice tells you to move? Waiting is so much more than simply sitting idle. It is active obedience while waiting for God to move, not us.


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