Advent 2017 – Day 22

We are almost through Advent and anxious for Christmas to arrive! Our period of waiting will soon be over! Yet Advent has been a good time to slow down and remember all God’s blessings

When Saul traveled on the road to Damascus, he was in a hurry. He had a full agenda of things he planned to accomplish there, including persecuting the followers of Jesus. Suddenly, he saw a bright light and heard a voice calling his name. He encountered Christ and was struck blind. There on the road, all his plans stopped dead in their tracks. God forced him to wait.

We can only imagine how Saul felt, sitting in darkness and wondering when his eyesight might return. He had no idea how long this blindness would remain. Forced to slow down, he experienced the joy of knowing Christ, but also the regret for all those whom he had beaten and cast in jail. Saul remembered all the pain he had inflicted on others. He likely wondered what lay ahead, and if God could ever use a sinner like him.

As you wait for your own hopes to become reality, perhaps God is forcing you to slow down. Take some time today to consider ways you may have hurt others in the past. Ask God to remove your own blindness and then confess any selfishness and pride.


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