Advent 2022 – Day 10

Have you made travel plans for the holidays? Thanks to the Internet, you can still keep up with our Advent celebration of “God’s Love Story.”

Remember that my father and mother became engaged after only two dates and less than three weeks from the time they met. I think almost any of us might have had second thoughts, right?

March 3, 1941… “I’m so happy that you [Father and Mother] love Joan so much, and your letters to her were such a comfort. I called her up last evening and she spoke [of the letters] immediately. I felt the emotional and nervous strain immediately [of the engagement] after it all happened and that’s why I came back here so exhausted, but apparently Joan didn’t feel it until several days later – not any change of heart, but just frightened at the whole idea, so your welcoming letters gave her a new lease on life.”

In essence, Joan was wondering, What have I done, turning my life upside down? Yet she was not changing her mind. And Dad was still convinced that Joan was the girl for him. His parents played an important role in supporting the young couple.

Peter & Andrew, James & John walked away from their fishing boats to follow Christ. What do you think Peter’s mother-in-law thought about that sudden turn of events? Who would support her daughter? And how did Zebedee, the father of James and John, react when his sons packed up and left home? Who would do the fishing and mend the nets? But despite the sudden turn of events, none of the twelve apostles seemed to have had second thoughts.

Have you ever had second thoughts about following Jesus? What events prompted those thoughts and who has encouraged you to continue walking forward in faith?


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