Advent 2022 – Day 24

Advent is over at last and tomorrow Christmas will be here. What joy we will have opening gifts and being with family and friends. But take time for one last thought about the One we wait for.

June 20, 1942…no, my father did not write to his parents the day after their wedding! However, my grandfather wrote to everyone in the family giving a lengthy description of the joy shared by all on that day. A brief excerpt from my grandfather’s letter: “The great day has come and gone and I think it could hardly have been lovelier…There was a processional hymn in place of the wedding march, and as we clergy came into the chancel, it gave us a thrill to hear such a volume of singing.”

In the wedding ceremony, the vows state “until death do us part.” My mother died over 40 years ago. A year later, my father remarried a dear woman we all love and call Grandy. And then, after almost 35 years in that second marriage, my father died. Dad and Mom’s love affair is over and so is this series of Advent devotionals, but “God’s Love Story” continues. No such promise of “until death do us part” is necessary at the wedding supper of the Lamb. In heaven, there is no death. Nothing will ever be able to part us from our Bridegroom! You see, God’s love story is eternal. It will never end.

At Christmas, we sing carols and celebrate the long-awaited arrival of Jesus, but one day in the future, we will celebrate with joy when we attend the wedding supper of the Lamb. As we conclude “God’s Love Story,” I recommend you listen to a special love song, a hymn sung by the bride to her eternal Groom as she walks down the aisle… “Love Divine, all loves excelling.”

PS…I am also attaching a photo of my mother and father on their wedding day!


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