Advent 2022 – Day 7

Are you ready for the next installment about this Advent account of my father falling in love? What new aspect might it reveal of “God’s Love Story”?

My father was unable to think of anything else as he planned a trip to Massachusetts to see the woman he hoped would become his wife. They had only met once before, but Dad was anxious to get to know her better.

February 18, 1941… “It all seems so far away and remote from the Seminary that I can hardly believe that I’ll be up there so soon – but the sooner the better because I’ve got to get this out of my system so that I can settle down and get some real studying done – and I do hope I find that Joan is as nice this time as I think she is.”

The word about my father’s love-interest spread quickly within his family. His aunt Helen sent $10 for him to have a nice time in Cambridge. According to Google, $10 in 1941 is the equivalent in purchasing power to about $200 today! And Dad’s brother-in-law loaned him his car to use for the trip to see Joan…no small gift with gas rationing beginning during World War II.

When we are excited, that emotion spills over to others around us. When Peter visited Cornelius in Acts 10:24, Cornelius was so excited that he had gathered all his family and friends at his home to listen to what Peter would say. Naturally, our faith should cause others to be excited about the Lord too.

With whom could you share your joy about the arrival of our Savior this season?


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