Another Moving Experience…

Our focus of these past three months has been on moving to our new home. It is incredible how much of one’s energy (physical, emotional and mental) such a transfer requires. We are still mid-process, and even after months of work we continue to be startled by the things that appear from the hidden recesses of closets.

For example, we posted on Craigslist a photo of a large Claymore sword that we hoped to sell. The weapon is heavy and looks lethal. Then I remember we once had another sword in the downstairs closet. Perhaps we could sell that as well? I send my patient husband down to search for it. A few minutes later, Gene comes up carrying an old Mexican machete. “Is this it?”

“No,” I reply. “The sword should be a decorative presentation piece, with a scabbard.”

He descends again and returns with a World War II bayonet. “How about this?”

“Where on earth did that come from?”

As it turns out, his father brought the bayonet home as a souvenir after fighting in Italy. I place it on the dining table with the other weapons. “I think there is a hunting knife around too.” In moments I produce a hand carved Finnish bear hunting knife, with its oak scabbard. Our table is beginning to look like an arsenal. We are combat ready!

Because we don’t expect that we’ll need these weapons at our retirement setting, we post all of them for sale and delight the new owner several days later.

No, I still have not found the presentation sword that started this search. I suspect it is chuckling as it hides in yet another dark cranny of our home.


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