“Uncle!” EC is now on Facebook!

Breaking news!  After years of avoiding the social media scene, Emily Chase is finally crying “Uncle!”  You can find my author page at www.facebook.com/EmilyParkeChase.  Basically all it does is lead you back here to my website, but at least this is a small step into the scary world of cyberspace.  Because of this step, I am going to make a more serious effort at blogging here and doing it more regularly, so “you-all come back now, y’hear?”

Why have I avoided Facebook for so long when so many people enjoy it?  Frankly the thought of trying to relate to a large group of friends on a daily basis overwhelms me.  I have trouble staying in touch with my own children, let alone trying to stay in touch with a broad sector of people related to the college, my work, and my writing.

So why the change now?  My newest book, Standing Tall After Falling Short, will be released later this winter and my editor/publisher at Wingspread has asked me to develop a greater presence on the Web.  I’ll begin by posting some devotional thoughts weekly and interrupt that pattern from time to time with other topics.  I hope you’ll stay in touch and let me know how I’m doing.  If anyone has a good title for my blog, feel free to make suggestions!


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