A moving experience…

My husband and I are still in the throes of downsizing and moving to a retirement setting. Our backs ache, our minds whirl. One moment I think we have made progress, and then the next, we open another closet and feel overwhelmed by the piles of clutter within. How did all this stuff accumulate over the years?

During this period, I have thought of how easily distracted we are by the clutter of life. Were I alive during the time of Christ, I likely would have missed out on the key events of Holy Week. Instead of grieving over the crucifixion, I would have been walking to the well for water. Instead of rejoicing in the resurrection, I would have been mending a torn robe or shopping for figs in the market. And instead of recognizing the painful behaviors in my own life that offend God daily, I would allow them to sit quietly behind a closed door.

One day, that door will be open for all to see. My pride, my impatience, my selfishness will be exposed. How did I allow these to accumulate over the years?

On that day, I will move from this earthly home to my heavenly one. No packing, no yard sales, no sorting and tossing. Alone I will stand before the Sovereign Lord of the universe. And only by the His grace and the sacrifice of His Son will I be able to enter into my forever home.


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