Advent 2013: Day 21



A year ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. It is especially bad in my hips and, knowing that one of the dangers of this disease is broken bones due to falling, I talked with my physical therapist about balance exercises. She asked me try standing on one foot with my eyes open. I managed to do it as I focused on a spot on the far wall. When she asked me to close my eyes, though, I wobbled all over the place. Without the help of vision, I became disoriented. My arms flew through the air looking for a wall to support me.


My physical therapist gave me exercises to do daily to improve my balance. Over the past year, I have followed her suggestions and now can close my eyes and keep my balance for almost 20 seconds. (Try it. It is harder than you think!)


In Luke 22:54-64, soldiers arrested Jesus in the garden and then escorted him back to the high priest’s residence. There they mocked him and beat him, but they also blindfolded him. With a strip of cloth tied tightly across his eyes, Jesus became as blind as the old beggar Bartimaeus. Jesus, who in heaven was all-seeing, all-knowing, suddenly was without sight. Disoriented, without eyes to see his attackers, Jesus had no way of preparing himself for the next blow. He likely lost his balance. In pain and confusion, he had to rely on his sense of touch to make sense of the darkness around him.


Many times in life we feel confused and aren’t sure where God is leading us. Do you become disoriented or lose your way? Do you lose your balance? Perhaps we all need to do more exercises in trust and learn to lean on God for support. Proverbs 3:5,6 reminds us, “Trust in God and do not lean on your own understanding, but allow him to direct your steps.” We may walk in darkness, but God can still lead us safely.


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