Advent 2015: Day 22

Thank you for returning so faithfully day after day! We are almost through this Advent series on “Parenting Jesus.”


Yesterday we saw that even while hanging on a cross, Jesus fulfilled a command he learned in his childhood – to honor his father and mother. He honored his mother when he made arrangements for her care after his death. As he did so, did Mary pause to remember the words of her own song, a song she sang before Jesus was ever born? As recorded in Luke 1:46-48, she said, “Oh, how I praise the Lord. How I rejoice in God my Savior! For he took notice of his lowly servant girl, and now generation after generation will call me blessed.” She felt honored then before her son was born and she felt honored now as she watched him die.


But Jesus was not only honoring his mother. Nailed to the cross and carrying the shame of the world upon his shoulders, Jesus was also honoring his heavenly Father. As members of the crowd stepped forward and spat upon Jesus’ naked flesh, when soldiers scoffed and offered him sour wine, Jesus prayed, “Father, forgive these people because they don’t know what they are doing.” (Luke 23:34)


By extending mercy and forgiveness, Jesus lifted up his life and offered it as a gift to his heavenly Father.


What gift will you offer to the Lord this Christmas to honor his name?


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