Advent 2015: Day 5


In fulfillment of the Law of Moses, Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple and dedicated him to the Lord. What they did was a routine act of obedience, but what happened next was far from routine.



Two older people, Simeon and Anna, hung out at the Temple. One by one, they approached the young couple holding the small infant. First Simeon and then Anna spoke to them of the future ministry Jesus would have redeeming the people of Israel. Joseph might have listened carefully to Simeon. After all, Simeon was a male, a person with a reputation for being righteous and devout and worthy of respect. But Anna? She was an old woman of 84 years. A widow. Yet she was also a prophetess. Joseph and Mary listened to her with respect. Out of the mouths of these two witness the truth was affirmed.


Sometimes others can see potential in our children more clearly than we parents can. Are you a parent? If others told you that your son or daughter, your niece or nephew, your grandchild was going to grow up to be president of our country, would you believe them? On the other hand, you may be the aunt or uncle. You may be the grandparent. You may be the only one who sees the potential in a family member and you may be the only one to affirm that person. What words of affirmation can you pass along to those you love today?


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