Advent 2016 – Day 13

We are over halfway through through this series of 24 Advent devotionals on “Thanking Jesus.” Thanks for joining us on the journey.

Hezekiah was a godly king of Judah. One of his first acts as ruler was to reopen the Temple of the Lord which had been neglected for over a decade. He repaired the doors and removed the defiled things from the sanctuary. In 2 Chronicles 29, we read that it took the priests over a week just to clear a path through the foyer of the Temple!

After the priests rededicated the sanctuary, the nation celebrated, but king was still not finished. He declared, “Now bring your sacrifices and thanksgiving offerings to the Temple.” (29:31) The grateful nation brought such an abundance of gifts that the huge piles overwhelmed the Temple grounds.

Years later, Hezekiah fell ill and lay at death’s door. When God healed him, the king again offered thanks. Isaiah 38 records his words: “The dead cannot praise You, they cannot raise their voices in praise. . . .Only the living can praise You as I do today. . . . Think of it – the Lord has healed me! I will sing his praises with instruments every day of my life.”

Don’t neglect God for decades or wait until you are on your death bed to offer thanks to God. It may be too late! Instead follow Hezekiah’s example and praise him every day of your life. Begin today!


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