Advent 2017 – Day 10

Welcome back to the next in our Advent series on the theme of “waiting.”

As the youngest son of Jesse, David did not have great prospects for wealth and fame. He was, after all, only a shepherd boy. Then Samuel anointed David to be the next king. Immediately David defeated Goliath, he met Saul and he served the king daily. He became best friends with the crown prince. Army officers admired him; women adored him. Events seemed to be moving him rapidly into line as the next king of Israel.

Then the plan stalled. Saul became jealous and twice tried to kill David. When that failed, the king encouraged others to attack the younger man. For over a decade, David fled from the armies of Saul.

Year after year went by as the shepherd boy waited in the wilderness with his motley band of ruffians.

Just as Saul had two opportunities to kill David, David had two chances to kill Saul. David’s companions encouraged him to take advantage of those opportunities to step up to claim the throne, but David declined. He refused to hurry God’s plan.

Then, when everything seemed darkest – Saul had massive armies behind him, had several sons standing ready as heirs apparent, and had a treasury of financial resources – in a single night the Lord removed all those obstacles and opened the door for David to become king.

What difficult circumstances are forcing you to wait? Do you wonder if God will ever come through for you? Trust me: When God decides to move, He will remove every obstacle and His timing will be perfect.


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