Advent 2019 – Day 22

For the past three weeks of Advent, we have prepared for “Immanuel – God With Us.” We have seen just how much the Lord desires to be near us. He wants to listen to us, guide us, protect us, and encourage us. He pours out rich gifts of love, anointing us with oil of gladness until our cups overflow.

 Christmas hasn’t even arrived, yet my husband and I have already received several gifts. For me, it is a pleasure to write thank-you notes expressing how much I appreciate the thought and love that went into each gift. It seems only right that we would want to also express our gratitude to our Heavenly Gift-Giver.

 The psalmist Asaph felt the same way. In Psalm 75:1, he wrote, “We thank you, O God! We give thanks because You are near. People everywhere tell of Your wonderful deeds.

 Before you hurry out the door to work or before you run out to purchase those last minute Christmas gifts for family and friends, why not take a moment and write a thank-you note to the God who is near you today? And then tell someone about one of His wonderful deeds.


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