Advent 2020 – Day 23

It may sound strange, but I often feel a certain letdown when we draw near to the end of Advent. These devotionals give a special focus to my days. I “HOPE” you feel the same way. Yet, we can’t forget that the climax of this season still lies ahead!

Some years ago, I was at a doctor’s appointment. In the examination room, I had undressed and put on the threadbare hospital gown with useless ties that did nothing to preserve modesty. Sitting on the cold table, I shivered as I waited for my physician to arrive and examine me. Moments later, my doctor entered the room. I have never forgotten his first question. As he busied himself organizing his medical instruments, he turned and asked me, “So what makes students at a Christian college any different from students elsewhere?”

Feeling vulnerable sitting there in the faded gown that gaped open in the back, I recall shooting a brief prayer up to heaven. “Here, Lord? Now? Of all times, you want me to share a testimony of faith now?”

I am glad I spoke of the reason for my hope that day because less than a year later, before my next appointment, that doctor died.

Today, I offer you another passage that speaks powerfully to me. In the brief epistle of 1 Peter, the author adjures his readers in the following way: “If you are asked about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.” (1 Peter 3:15)

As you celebrate Christmas and a new year begins, never forget: Be ready at all times to explain your hope! ‘Hope’-fully these Advent 24 devotionals will have offered you a way to do that!


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