Advent 2022 – Day 17

Tomorrow is Sunday. I hope you will be able to join God’s family in worship at your church, but I also hope you’ll take time right now for another thought in our series on “God’s Love Story.”

Going to church was important for both my father and mother as they prepared for marriage. My mother grew up as a Methodist while Dad was planning to follow his father into ministry in the Episcopal church. Yet they were united by their faith in Christ,

March 18, 1941…continued: One Sunday, they enjoyed being able to attend church together. “Joan came over for the 11:00 o’clock service and I sat with her in the congregation – which created quite a stir and much turning of heads and curious glances, especially from the young people in the choir. Everyone seems to notice us – especially in the subways, and I enjoy seeing their faces light up as they look at Joan.”

Dad was not threatened by people paying attention to my mother. In similar fashion, John the Baptist too never pointed people to himself but to the coming Messiah. In John 1:15, John cried aloud, “This is the man I meant when I said, ‘He comes after me, but he takes rank before me.’” And he repeated this just a few verses later: When Jesus walked by, John told his followers, “There is the Lamb of God; it is he who takes away the sin of the world. This is he of whom I spoke when I said, ‘After me a man is coming who takes rank before me.’”

We can be happy and proud of our relationship with God’s Son. As He grows greater, we must grow less. Are you walking in a way that causes others to take their eyes off you and see only Jesus?


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