Advent 2023 – Day 10

Thank you for returning faithfully each day. This season of Advent is a time of preparation for Christmas, and we are examining our “Legacy of Faith,” the long list of people whom God has used to guide us to become all that we are today. That list includes co-workers.

After graduating from an institution of higher learning, I was proud, maybe too proud, of my college education. I began working with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Mexico, expediting translated manuscripts through publication.

When the WBT held its international conference in Mexico, the event made our base’s population swell fivefold, the extra mouths to feed put a heavy load on our limited cafeteria facilities. An appeal went out for volunteers to help the dish crew meet the need. My position required me to prepare for printing the countless reports needed for the conference. I felt I didn’t have time to wash dishes in the kitchen. But as I returned my dirty plates to the kitchen, I glanced in the pass-through window. Imagine my surprise when I saw Dr. George Cowan, president of WBT, rolling up his sleeves to scrub greasy pots and pans.

George Cowan held a doctorate. He was in charge of our entire conference. He was accustomed to meeting with prime ministers all over the world. And he was willing to humble himself and wash dishes. By his example, my co-worker taught me more about humility than any words could communicate.

Jesus modeled humility. At Christmas, we celebrate his leaving the glory of heaven to stoop to earth. Thirty-three years later, in John 13, he knelt before his disciples and performed a task usually assigned to the lowliest slave. The “CEO” washed the feet of his co-workers. Jesus, the Lord of the universe. Jesus, the Prince of Peace, the Light of the entire world, wore an apron and did the dirty work of salvation.

Consider what you might learn from someone at work. They might not be a believer, but what have they taught you about perseverance? Or forgiveness? Or encouragement? Do they realize how their example touched you? Today might be a good day to speak up and thank them for the way they influenced your life.


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