Facing the right direction…



Morgan was a good friend of our family. He died recently but he often came for Sunday dinner after church and joined our family for holidays like Thanksgiving and Easter. Sometimes he brought a gift of candy or a book, but the gift I enjoyed the most was an intricate set of nested wooden hearts that he made and set in a frame. Morgan cut each heart at the slightest angle so that when they nest in the frame and face the right direction, they support each other and lean out of the frame without falling into separate pieces. Occasionally someone will pick up the frame to examine the workmanship, but if the person puts the hearts back in facing the wrong direction, the slightest bump sends the pieces scattering.

One night long ago, Jesus terrified his disciples by walking on the water during a wild storm on the Sea of Galilee. When the disciples recognized Jesus and calmed down, Jesus told Peter to get out of the boat and walk on the water too, Peter obeyed. As long as he kept his eyes on Jesus, Peter was fine, but when he looked at the waves crashing around him, Peter lost courage and began to sink.

Have you ever taken your eyes off God and discovered that the smallest bump sends your life flying into bits and pieces? As long as we face the right direction and seek his face, he will hold us together even when everything around us falls apart.


Lord, look this way so that I may see your face and place my hand in yours as we walk through this day.


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