Grouchy Grinch

Watch out! I am grouchy today.

Normally I don’t mind doing my daily exercises and walking for recovery from my spinal surgery, but today I had to force myself to do these. On ordinary days, I don’t mind fixing meals and doing laundry, but today I found them exhausting. I even got annoyed waiting five minutes to take my shower!

What was causing this downer of a mood? After all, my surgeon told me this week that I could at last begin weaning from the back brace I’ve worn for the past three months. That’s a blessing, right? And he said I could begin driving again. That’s good too, yes?

So what was wrong? As I groused to the Lord, He gently pointed out the problem. For three months my recovery has been the focus of the universe in our home. My husband has patiently picked up items off the floor that I could not stoop to retrieve. He has lifted bags of groceries too heavy for me to carry. He has brought me pills and changed bed sheets. It has all been about me. And now? Suddenly, my world is moving back to normalcy and I am no longer the center of attention. Sigh. Giving up the back brace means people will no longer see me as an invalid and offer sympathy.

Selfishness. That’s what is wrong. Which means I confess one more time. And, once again, God extends His patience to cover my faults and fears.

I have no idea what mood besets you today, but I pray God will lift your eyes to see the world never revolves around you, but as always it centers on His amazing love.


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