Do you remember playing with a kaleidoscope for the first time as a child?  Do you remember the fascination of seeing all the tiny blips form intricate patterns of color?  Each time you twisted the toy a new pattern emerged.


Recently I picked up a kaleidoscope again. The concept is not complicated. Several mirrors, a few bits of colored plastic. But if you look through the wrong end, what do you see? Nothing but a cloudy blur. You have to look through the correct end, focus your eye on the small hole, and hold the toy up to the light. Only then does the beauty of the pattern unfold.


Sometimes when we look at the problems that face us at work or in our homes, all we see is a blur. We wonder how anyone can ever make sense of the chaos. We look at our circumstances from a human perspective. But what happens when we turn things around? What might change if we focus not on our viewpoint but see things from God’s perspective?  When we focus on Him and hold our life up to His light, a completely new pattern emerges. The pattern in dynamic, beautiful.


The circumstances in your life might not change today, but  your attitude might if you choose to look at things from God’s viewpoint.


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