Long time, no see

“Long time, no see.” It is an expression that we often use for people we have failed to keep in touch with. And it is an expression that too often describes me. “Out of sight, out of mind” is another apt description of my ability to shut off a relationship when the other person is not nearby. I can go weeks without communicating with my own kids when they are out of state and busy with their own families! And even here on this website, I can go months without updating this page. Forgive my neglect!


Recently I have been preparing a Sunday school class on Paul. His passion for those he cannot see is evident in his epistles. He is praying constantly for those he loves in the churches scattered across Galatia, Macedonia, Achaia. He yearns to be near them again. They are never far from his mind. Paul could easily be wrapped up in his own world with his beatings, shipwrecks and imprisonment. But his thoughts do not focus on his own pain but on those he cannot see who are far away. His passion challenges me to lift my eyes above the mundane of my day-to-day activities and “see” my family and friends more often.


How grateful I am that God never loses sight of me. I am never out of His sight, out of His thoughts!



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