Author: Gene Chase

Advent 2019 – Day 21

For many people, December is a time of anticipation of seeing and being near those we love. Today, the Saturday before Christmas, is a major day for holiday travel as families board airplanes and climb in cars to visit grandparents or grandchildren over the next few days.  Holidays offer opportunities for families to gather, but …

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Advent 2019 – Day 20

Christmas is less than a week away. I hope you are motivated to continue with this Advent series for a few more days!  For weeks, even months during the Fall season, stores promote Christmas shopping. It used to be that they waited until after Thanksgiving to begin their promotions, then we saw Christmas decorations appear …

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Advent 2019 – Day 14

Welcome back to another of our Advent devotionals about “Immanuel – God With Us.”  Have you ever felt like you were all by yourself against a huge crowd of people? I remember when my daughter Prisca was in a school assembly, and Officer Friendly was asking the crowd about rules for driving in Pennsylvania. “Is …

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