Advent 2019 – Day 15

Every day brings the excitement of Christmas closer. I hope that these brief Advent devotionals are helping you keep your focus on Immanuel – “God With Us.”

 When we walk with God, sometimes we find ourselves out of step with the world around us. The newspapers are full of accounts of court decisions about bakers and photographers and florists that, because of sincerely held religious beliefs, have lost their businesses due to discrimination lawsuits. Standing alone against the tide of society carries a heavy cost. Even if the person wins his case, the lawyer fees can be overwhelming and force them into bankruptcy.

 In contrast, Isaiah 50:8 says, “He who gives me justice is nearWho will dare to bring charges against e now? Where are my accusers? Let them appear!” According to Rom. 8:34, our Lord stands beside us in court to defend us. The Father is Judge, but the Son is our defense attorney stands by our side and pleads for us. And as for our legal fees? The defense attorney paid them Himself!

 Today, if you are out driving and see a patrol car or sit waiting at a traffic light, take a moment to thank the Lord for satisfying every demand of the law.



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