Remembered with love…



The fifth in my series of devotionals on woodworking. Keep coming back because there are lots more to come!


My cousin presented one of his handmade salad bowls to me last Christmas. How I treasure it! Every time I take it down from the shelf and serve guests, I think of him. But David also sells his wares at craft shows. Though each piece has his name engraved on the bottom, the people who buy those pieces, more often than not, never give another thought to the person who made their bowl or desk or chair. Why do I remember him but they forget? I have a personal relationship with my cousin while these other people do not.


When God made man and woman, he stamped us with his image.




Those who love their Maker have a relationship with him and remember him daily. Those who don’t know him personally walk through their days without seeing his hand at work. They go to the office or shop in the mall and never remember to thank God for their health which allowed them to get out of bed. They forget to thank him for the love of family and friends.

That is why God warned his people in Deuteronomy 8:11,17-18, “Beware that in your time of plenty you do not forget the Lord your God and disobey his commands. . . . Never think that it was your own strength and energy that made you wealthy. Always remember that it is the Lord your God who gives you power.”

Have you remembered to seek God and thank him for his faithfulness this day? Look around you and search for evidences of his enduring love.


Father, as I look at others around me today, may I see your image on their faces and remember to praise You.


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