Solid to the core…



The fourth in my series of devotionals on woodworking…thanks for coming back!


Years ago, my husband and I bought a table. To our inexperienced eyes it looked well made. We were told it was solid oak. But when my cousin David looked it over, he pointed out that while the chairs were indeed solid oak, the table only had a veneer of oak. Things are not always as they appear!

What a contrast to Jesus who is the real thing. He doesn’t have just a veneer of divinity, appearing to do miracles. He healed the leper, he raised the dead, he forgave sins. He is God all the way through. Some people want to believe that he was made of lesser stuff, that he was only a great teacher. But Jesus doesn’t give us that option. According to John 14:6, he said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” Do truly great teachers lie? If Jesus is a great teacher, then we must accept his words at face value. I may not know real wood from a veneer, but I am convinced that Jesus is who he said he was: the Son of God.

What about your own faith? Is it only a veneer or does it reflect the depths of your heart? Who do you think Jesus is? How does your answer impact your actions?


Lord, only you know for sure what is in my heart. Rip away anything artificial so that I may live for you alone this day.


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