A James Bond moment

Ever have a James Bond moment?

Theater-goers hold their breath during movie chase scenes. They watch stuntmen screech around corners, drive over cliffs and do controlled spins. Stuntmen don’t have to worry about an unexpected vehicle that might appear barreling down the highway. For them, every movement has been carefully choreographed and thought out ahead of time. James Bond is never truly in danger.

The other day I was driving down a major highway at 65 mph when the vehicle that was two cars ahead of me suddenly swerved to the right, hurtling over to the shoulder of the road. Seconds later, the van in front of me abruptly did the same thing, violently veering on to the shoulder as its driver struggled to control his vehicle and the wheels spat out gravel.

From my vantage point, there was no obvious reason for their evasive actions, but once the van moved out of the way I grasped the problem: Twenty feet ahead, in my driving lane, lay a tangled mass of bicycles.

With no time to ponder how they got there but noting that the van was slowing down and blocking my access to the shoulder, I gunned my CRV and ripped it to the left into the passing lane. My husband watched in horror from the passenger seat as we narrowly escaped hitting the pile of metal bike frames. Our pulses did not return to normal until we were several miles down the road.

Scripture tells us that our days are numbered by the Lord. We have no idea when the He may call us home, but we trust He has carefully choreographed His plan. While we rest in Him, we too are never in danger.


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