Family Reunion

Towards the end of May, my husband and I moved to a retirement community. We’ve had a month or two to settle in to our new apartment, so last weekend, my mother came from Massachusetts to check out the accommodations. We laughed: Most residents here have plenty of gray hair, and none of them can say their parents have visited them!

Of course, with Mom around, we had a series of family gatherings. My brothers and my cousin came for lunch on Friday. Our kids and the grandkids came for an afternoon picnic at the pavilion on Saturday, with opportunities to feed the ducks and play games and tell old stories. Then on Sunday, we had another big gathering at my niece’s house over supper. The few hours together passed so quickly! These brief visits offer little opportunity for meaningful conversation.

One day our heavenly Father will invite us all to a real Family reunion. Everyone who has responded to His invitation can attend. No schedule conflicts will arise. No childcare will be necessary. Best of all, no time limit will cut short our time together: We will spend eternity at this reunion! Be sure to join us there!


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