Thwunk! The curious grey squirrel investigating our roof fell into the depths of our chimney. I heard the desperate scrabble of frantic paws seeking escape. Yet when I opened the chimney damper, our guest refused to escape. The squirrel cowered in darkness and cold rather than trust my offer of freedom. If he continued to refuse my offer, however, his ultimate choice would lead to death for there was no other way out.

How often we, like the squirrel trapped in my chimney, choose to huddle in a pitch-black world of night instead of walking into the light God offers in Christ. We cower in fear and indecision instead of trusting a kind Savior to lead us to freedom. Hundreds of years before Jesus was born, Isaiah promised that a Messiah would bring release to captives. Today Jesus offers us true freedom and new life. We can refuse His offer, but our only other option is to sit in loneliness and fear.

After ten days in our chimney, our squirrel overcame his fear and climbed out through the damper. He scampered through our family room, dashed into our yard and climbed the first tree he could find. He chose freedom. What about you? What fears keep you from trusting God fully?


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